About Us

joyful-pets-lauren-mccarron-founderReimagining pet adoption: one pet at a time.

Welcome to Joyful Pets, where we’re reimagining pet adoption one pet at a time. Did you know that over one million family pets are surrendered to animal shelters every year? It’s a heartbreaking situation, and one that we’re working hard to change.

Despite the best efforts of generous donors and volunteers, many shelters are forced to euthanize animals due to overcrowding and limited resources. That’s why we’re committed to keeping healthy, adoptable pets out of shelters and finding them loving homes instead.

What if we could keep family pets out of shelters?

Imagine a world where no pet is left behind. If we could reduce the number of animals in shelters by one million, shelters would have enough resources to care for the remaining pets without resorting to euthanasia. By keeping pets out of shelters and in loving homes, we can create a more compassionate world for pets and their families.

Our Story

As a lifelong animal lover, Joyful Pets’ founder Lauren McCarron always knew that she had to do something to help animals who were suffering from abuse and neglect. She began by volunteering at local shelters, working with animals who were getting ready for adoption. She learned how to care for them and how to help them get adopted.

After several years of volunteering, Lauren decided that she wanted to start her own organization where she could reach more pets in need of help. In 2016, Lauren founded Joyful Pets Rescue in Western Massachusetts. 

That’s when she discovered the harrowing reality that the broken animal shelter system creates for animals, pet parents and those seeking to adopt. She knew there had to be a better way. So, she created one.

We connect people who need to rehome their pets with pet parents who are looking to adopt pets. We’re changing the future of pet adoption and rehoming. We are on a mission to end owner surrenders to animal shelters by offering a loving alternative. Years of rescue experience taught us that this is how we can do better for our beloved pets. 

Are you ready to meet your new best friend?

When you add a pet to your family through Joyful Pets, you’re supporting an initiative that saves the lives of more pets in the long run. You’re driving a change that keeps healthy, adoptable pets out of the shelter and allows the shelter to serve its purpose more effectively.

These adorable pets are not locked in cages. Their history isn’t mysterious and worrisome. Browse through our adoptable pets and see who catches your eye and captures your heart.