Spooktacular Halloween Costumes for Your Pet

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Halloween is coming up so you know what that means! Time to find your pet’s purrfect costume. Here are some of our favorites.

Beware of the next full moon with this adorable werewolf costume for your dog! Perfect for your next Halloween party. If you have a hard time putting costumes on your pet, don’t worry. It comes in three pieces, so it is easy to put on and more comfortable for your pup to wear. Buy now at Chewy for only $16.99.

Unicorns really do exist! Dress your cat or dog up as a legendary unicorn. According to mythology, touching a unicorn results in pure happiness for the rest of your life. This must mean our pets descended from unicorns, since they constantly add magic and happiness to our lives. Buy now at Chewy for only $12.99.


Dress your pet up as their favorite food! This hotdog costume will have them feeling fun and tasty- I mean happy! Perfect for large pups. This costume won’t get in the way of their leash, so you can still walk them around town to show off their “hot” dog costume. Buy now at Chewy for only $7.99.

How could your pet not want to dress up as their favorite delivery driver? A three piece set that won’t get in the way of their evening of trick-or-treating. Buy now at Chewy for only $12.50.


Unleash your pup’s inner super powers! This Super Woman costume will transform your furry friend into the cutest superhero on the planet. Buy now at Chewy for only $13.99.

This Superman costume will give your pet even more super powers than he already as your loving and faithful friend. As Superman says: “There is a superhero in all of us, we just need the courage to put on the cape.” Buy now at Chewy for only $8.50.


Pick the cutest pumpkin in the patch to be your jack-o-lantern! This adorable costume will protect you from the Halloween spirits all night long. A two piece set that comes with the perfect pumpkin cap. Buy now at Chewy for only $16.99.

After your night of tricks, don’t forget to get your pup a treat! This Halloween goody box will make your pet’s night. It comes with 6 spooky goodies that will have them over the moon (watch out for those werewolves) Buy now for only $24.99.


And for your kitty, this lil Devil cat nip toy will be sure to keep your little angel happy and purring all night long. Buy now at Chewy for only $2.29.

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