Cat-Friendly Housing

Finding a new apartment or housing can be stressful, especially if you have a cat, as it can be daunting to find pet-friendly apartments anywhere in the U.S. What’s even worse, most of the available pet-friendly accommodation only accept a certain type or size of pet. Therefore, even when you find a pet-friendly apartment, your cat may have to be a certain breed or size, before it can be allowed. Most cat parents have had to surrender their cats to shelters because of the challenge of finding a pet-friendly housing. However, with the tips outlined below, you can find a cat-friendly housing in your chosen area easily.

Start Your Search Early

Give yourself ample search time from six weeks to a couple of months to search for suitable accommodation for you and your pet. Don’t assume that any vacant apartment for rent would be cat-friendly.

Expect To Pay More

So many apartments do not allow pets, and those that do, require a premium increase in rent as high as 19%. Therefore, be ready to pay additional for pet rent to keep your pet with you.

Search Online

Cat-friendly apartments are often listed online, and you can find one that meets your requirements if you know where and how to look. Search Google, or Craigslist for pet-friendly apartment and your city name, and websites like PeopleWithPets. You can also get a great lead on a pet-friendly place from other pet parents by putting the word out on your social media accounts.

Show Responsibility

Show your potential landlord that you are a responsible pet parent by obtaining a letter from your veterinarian stating that your cat is up to date on vaccinations. You can also provide proof that your cat has been neutered or spayed and won’t cause a litter nuisance in the neighborhood. You can even show that your pet is responsible by getting recommendation letters indicating that your cat is not aggressive and won’t cause damage from former landlords.

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