Before You Consider Rehoming Your Pet

You don’t have to lose your pet, and they don’t have to lose their home because of financial hardship. First, take a deep breath. Struggling with the idea of giving your cherished pet to someone who can afford them is heartbreaking, but you’ve come to the right place. Whether the problem is your income, ability […]
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Adopting and Rehoming Pets

What’s the difference between animal shelters and animal rescues? If you’re faced with the decision to rehome your pet, or you’re looking to add a new member to your family through adoption, you’ve probably considered the local shelter versus alternatives like rescue groups. Social media makes it easy to access those groups directly, so now […]
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Foods That Are Dangerous For Your Dog

Many dogs will gobble up any scrap of food given half a chance. At dinner time, you have seen those adorable puppy dog eyes pleading with you to share your meal. But, as hard as it is to say no to your cute pooch, it is important because food that isn’t meant for dogs can […]
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Best Cat Breeds that Produce Less Dander for Allergy Sufferers

Nothing is more stressful than when a pet parent has to deal with pesky allergies while trying to show their cat some love! Allergies can be a nuisance for anyone, but if you have a pet and find out you are allergic to their dander, then it just becomes a devastating circumstance. Not to worry, […]
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Can My Cat Catch Covid?

While the spread of the novel Coronavirus is well-documented in humans, many pet parents are understandably concerned about the potential effects it may have on their pets. In particular, there have been cases of cats with COVID, which indicates that they may be susceptible to the virus. Can My Cat Get COVID? According to the […]
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How to Transition a Cat from Dry Food to Wet Food (and Why)

Cats are very particular creatures. If you have one, you know. They like things just such and they’re not remotely afraid to let you know about it. Of course, as a good pet parent, you probably find it hard to deny your furry friend.   This is why it can be especially difficult to transition […]
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Feed that Feline: The Best Cat Bowls and Feeders

From selective drinkers to messy eaters, there are plenty of good reasons to upgrade your cat’s bowls. Whether you want to help mend one of your pet’s quirky habits or simply want a more innovative feeder in your home, here are the best cat bowls and feeders available! Fountains If your cat is a picky […]
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The Best Calming and Anti-Anxiety Products for Cats

Do you have a cat who is showing unprovoked aggression or is she stressed when you bring out the carrier to take her to the vet? You can help ease your cat’s anxiety and improve their behavior with some of these solutions for the best calming and anti-anxiety products for cats. Calming chews and treats […]
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From Foster Pet to Forever Pet: Is it Time to Adopt?

There’s one place we all go when we need a little comfort — our pets! With all the uncertainty and anxiety of COVID-19, many animal lovers turn to furry friends for some paws-itivity during social isolation. Thousands of pet parents have opened their homes to foster a pet in need, with some shelters seeing 50% […]
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