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Bringing Your Dog to a Hotel: Tips for a Tail-Wagging Stay

Traveling with your canine companion can be a joyful experience, especially when you stay at a dog-friendly hotel. Whether you’re on a vacation or a business trip, finding accommodations that welcome your dog ensures a comfortable and hassle-free stay. Here’s what you need to know about staying in dog-friendly hotels, including some national brands and alternative options like Airbnb and Vrbo.

Why Choose a Dog-Friendly Hotel?

Dog-friendly hotels offer various amenities and services tailored to the needs of pet parents and their furry friends. These hotels typically provide:

Pet-friendly rooms: Rooms with easy-to-clean surfaces and pet-specific amenities.

On-site pet amenities: Services such as dog beds, bowls, treats, and sometimes even dog-walking services.

Pet policies: Clear guidelines on pet behavior, designated pet areas, and any additional fees.

National Brands with Dog-Friendly Policies

Several hotel chains across the United States are known for their pet-friendly policies. Here are some reliable options:

Kimpton Hotels: Kimpton Hotels are renowned for their pet-friendly policies. They welcome pets with no extra charge or size restrictions and offer pet beds, bowls, and treats. 

La Quinta by Wyndham: Most La Quinta hotels allow dogs and other pets without a pet fee, making them a popular choice for pet parents. 

Aloft Hotels: Part of the Marriott family, Aloft Hotels welcome dogs and provide pet beds, bowls, and complimentary treats. 

Alternatives to Traditional Hotels: Airbnb and Vrbo

If you prefer a more home-like environment, consider booking through Airbnb or Vrbo, which offer a wide range of pet-friendly accommodations.

Airbnb: Use the “Pets allowed” filter to find listings that welcome dogs. Many hosts provide detailed descriptions of their pet policies and amenities. Airbnb Pet-Friendly Listings

VrboSimilar to Airbnb, Vrbo has a “Pets allowed” filter. Look for properties with enclosed yards or extra space for your dog to roam safely. Vrbo Pet-Friendly Listings

Tips for a Smooth Stay

  1. Check Pet PoliciesBefore booking, review the hotel’s or property’s pet policy to ensure it accommodates your dog’s needs.
  2. Bring Essentials: Pack your dog’s favorite items, including their bed, toys, food, and leash, to make them feel at home.
  3. Plan for Comfort: Upon arrival, set up a comfortable space for your dog to relax and adjust to the new environment.


Choosing a dog-friendly hotel or a pet-welcoming Airbnb or Vrbo ensures that both you and your canine companion can enjoy your travels. With national brands like Kimpton Hotels, La Quinta by Wyndham, and Aloft Hotels, as well as flexible options from Airbnb and Vrbo, finding the perfect accommodation for your needs has never been easier. Safe travels and happy tails!

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