Dog Toys

We are often more focused on providing food for our pets that we forget they have other needs. Even though we train them to be our companions, they also need something to keep them busy. Toys are essential for pets, especially dogs, as they help with mental stimulation, and improve their chewing. Dog toys are also an important tool in modifying your dog’s behavior and keeping them from exhibiting unruly behaviors such as incessant barking and excessive aggression.

Why your dogs need toys

The impacts of toys on kids are similar to those on dogs. They aid in stimulating the dogs mentally and physically, thus fulfilling their emotional and physical needs. In your absence, dogs like to engage in activities, such as chewing. It is therefore recommended that you provide them with something to chew on and play with. If you don’t, then they might end up playing with and chewing your personal items like your sofa, pillows, toilet paper rolls, designer shoes, etc. Below are some reasons why you should get toys for your dogs.

Toys help your dog to relax

Chew toys are exceptional ways for your dog to relax and properly focus their chewing. One of such toys is a Kong. The toy is made of rubber and is shaped like a beehive. The toy is filled with soft food. To get to the food, your dog has to figure it out.

Toys engage your dogs

When you are busy and don’t want to be disturbed, then give your dog a toy to play with. When you have friends over and don’t wish to be pestered by your dog, get it to bed and give it a toy. This advice has worked for millions of dog parents over the years.

Toys help train your dogs

Some toys are designed for activities that will ensure that your dog is kept stimulated and agile. Toys are perfect when you want to train your dogs in different areas, such as focus, agility.

Types of dog toys you should consider

There are different varieties of dog toys available in pet stores for you to choose from. However, you have to choose an appropriate toy for your dogs. Nevertheless, here are some types of toys you should consider for your dog.

Plush Toys

Plush toys are handy dog toys that are designed in different ways to keep your dog busy. Some of them come with soft rings that your pet can pull off. Another type has woodland critters hidden inside the plush base while some others have Velcro parts that produce a ripping noise when pulled off.

Busy Toys

These are perfect for training your dog to be focused for an extended period. They are rubber toys that are usually filled with goodies. Putting a part of your dog’s meal ration or other snacks will keep the dog interested in the toy for a long time. The size of your dog would determine the complexity of the busy toy you should get for it.

Activity Busy Toys

These class of toys is similar to the one mentioned above. The activity busy toys however requires the dog to move constantly before the goodies can be reached. This will keep your dog both focused and agile. These toys come handy if you are supervising your dog outside. The mental and physical energy involved when your dog plays with this toy is a big plus.