How To Choose the Best Vet for your Pet

Pets are part of the family. We are advocates for them in every form. Part of this responsibility is picking the right veterinarian for your animal. Vets can be expensive, which is why pet insurance is available and some hospitals have pet plans to help keep the costs down. Pet plans allow you to pay a monthly fee for select services that remain available to you and your pet at any time.

When searching for the right vet in your area, it is very important to look at the reviews. If they have plenty of reviews that are 5/5 stars, that’s great! Now make sure you read them. You want to make sure they don’t solicit good reviews for discounts on services. Reviews should be organic and based off of the veterinarian’s skills and bedside manner.

If your pet has a disability or illness, make sure you keep in mind that a specialty doctor may be better suited. It narrows down your search and allows you to find the right treatment for their condition. Specialties could include behavior, dentistry, internal medicine, and more.

If there is a specific clinic you are interested in that is only open during regular business hours, make sure you choose an emergency vet as a backup. Emergency vets are open 24hrs for your convenience. This will ensure the safety of your pet, especially if they have disabilities or long term illness.

After choosing a vet, and everything looks right on paper, make sure to schedule a welcome visit to see how the clinic or hospital operates. First impressions are important. You can even request a tour of the establishment to make sure it meets your standards.

Overall personality and temperament is important. If your dog does not like the vet you choose, there may be other vets available that can establish a better relationship. If you feel uncomfortable in any way, change your vet. There are no obligations and no need to feel pressured or uncomfortable when it comes to your fur baby.

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