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A woman rests her forehead against a dog's head in a tender, affectionate momentNew Beginnings: A Caring Approach to Rehoming Your Pet

At ‘Rehome With Love,’ our heart’s mission is to support you and your pet through one of life’s toughest transitions: rehoming. Understanding the emotional weight of this decision, we’ve tailored our services to ensure the journey is as smooth and compassionate as possible, filled with hope and new beginnings.

Navigating the Emotional Path of Pet Rehoming

Our ‘Rehome With Love’ service is a heartfelt commitment to you and your pet. Recognizing the emotional nuances involved in rehoming, we are dedicated to treating each rehoming journey with the utmost sensitivity and respect.

Our Compassionate Approach
  • Creating Your Pet’s Profile: We’ll start by crafting a comprehensive profile for your pet, highlighting his or her unique history, needs, and personality. Your photos and videos will give potential adopters a complete understanding of your pet’s wonderful qualities, making it easier for them to form an emotional connection.
  • Maximizing Visibility: Next, we’ll share your pet’s profile on well-known adoption and social media platforms. Our aim is to reach a broad audience, increasing the chances of finding the perfect match for your beloved pet.
  • Screening and Matching: Our dedicated team carefully reviews each adoption application we receive. Additionally, we’ll compare your pet with potential adopters on our waiting list. Our advanced tools help us assess applicants’ compatibility, considering lifestyle, living conditions, and preferences.
  • Introductions and Ongoing Support: When a potential match is identified, we’ll facilitate communication between you and the potential new family. You’ll have access to our client portal, ensuring you stay informed about your pet’s progress throughout the process.
  • Adoption Guidance: When both parties are ready to proceed, we will provide guidance and support throughout the meet-and-greet and adoption process. Our primary aim is to ensure everyone involved feels confident and secure in their decision.
  • Post-Adoption Care: As part of the adoption process, a rehoming agreement will be established to ensure your pet’s new family is fully committed to your pet’s well-being. Our support doesn’t end with the adoption – we’ll continue to provide guidance and assistance to the new family as they adjust to life with their new furry companion.

Tailored Services for Every Need

Standard Service ($195): An all-inclusive package for a stress-free rehoming process.

Priority Service ($295): Enhance your pet’s visibility with targeted social media advertising and active engagement in specialized groups, ensuring a quicker rehome process.

No-Cost Listing: For those preferring to manage the process, list your pet on our platform for free, leveraging our visibility while retaining control.

Staying Connected Through Our Adopter Alumni App, Social Petwork

Our support for your pet’s well-being extends beyond the adoption. With our Pet Parenting and Adopter Alumni App, Social Petwork, we help you stay connected with your pet’s new family. This app provides a space for you to follow your pet’s new adventures and join a community that values and supports family-to-family pet adoptions.

Five-Star Reviews and Grateful Testimonials
  • Relief in Tough Decisions: “The service was incredibly supportive at every step. Knowing the adopters were thoroughly vetted gave me peace of mind.”
  • Rapid, Successful Rehoming: “We were amazed at how quickly our pet found a new home. This service is invaluable for the rehoming process.”
  • Comprehensive Adopter Vetting: “The thoroughness of the background checks reassured us that our pet was going to a safe, loving home.”
  • Seamless Adoption Experience: “Adopting through this service was smooth and effortless. Their post-adoption check-ins were heartwarming.”
  • Caring Guidance: “Their support in finding a special family was remarkable. The team showed immense kindness and empathy.”
  • Ease in a Difficult Time: “Their practical and emotional support was crucial. We quickly found a loving new family for our pet.”Click here to read more testimonials.
Rehome with Love – A New Beginning Awaits 

‘Rehome With Love’ is your dedicated partner, here to support you through this significant and courageous decision. We understand that rehoming may not always be the only option, so we encourage those unsure about this decision to visit our Joyful Pet Support page. Here, we offer a range of services tailored to help you keep your pet, providing solutions and support unique to your situation. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your pet, whether that means finding a new home or overcoming challenges so that your pet can remain with you.

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‘Rehome With Love’ is committed to guiding you with empathy and expertise. Together, we can ensure a bright new beginning for your pet.

New Beginnings