From Foster Pet to Forever Pet: Is it Time to Adopt?

There’s one place we all go when we need a little comfort — our pets! With all the uncertainty and anxiety of COVID-19, many animal lovers turn to furry friends for some paws-itivity during social isolation. Thousands of pet parents have opened their homes to foster a pet in need, with some shelters seeing 50% surges in foster applications. Now, with the country’s gradual reopening, many foster parents are wondering if pet adoption is the next step.

While your foster pet may be a lovely houseguest, deciding whether or not to adopt a pet is no easy decision. Fostering and adopting are completely different experiences, each with their own set of triumphs and trials. Fortunately, you can confidently make the best decision as a pet parent by keeping a few things in mind.

Assess the Commitment

Pet adoption is a lifelong commitment to a furry-friend, and as such, you’ll need time. It’s important to consider how your everyday routine may change in the coming weeks, months, and years. When you choose to foster a pet, you mainly consider your availability in the near future. However, when you adopt a pet, you have to think about how your lifestyle, responsibilities, and plans may change. Is your foster pet compatible with where you are now and where you plan to be down the road?

Consider the Costs

Our pets are our children, and children are expensive! Consider your foster friend’s age, health history, dietary needs, and possible routine costs. Ensure that your financial situation can weather the recurring expenses, potential emergencies, and all the treats and toys!

Look at Your Lifestyle

Like any long-term commitment, your fur-baby must compliment your lifestyle. Are you a family of avid adventurists, ready to accompany your high-energy foster dog on daily hikes? Maybe you’re a booked-to-the-brim workaholic who befriended a solitary, sheepish cat. Whatever the case may be, with pet adoption, your family’s lifestyle must match the needs of your companion. Consider how your foster friend’s age, energy level, size, and personality fit your situation.

Make Sure it’s a Match

When you decide to foster a pet, your ability to provide a loving home for a short while is your top consideration. However, when you adopt a pet, there’s more matchmaking involved. Pet adoption is like marriage — there has to be a connection! From time to time, you’ll foster a pet who melts your heart beyond belief. You’ll know a foster is meant to be a permanent family member when you can’t imagine your home without them.

Do What’s Best for your Furry Friend

If you decide to adopt, congratulations! You’re providing a home for an animal who will repay you with invaluable affection and lasting companionship. Together, you and your fur-baby will enrich each other’s lives for years to come.

If you’ve decided your foster pet would be happier with another loving family, know that you’re doing what’s best for both of you. Your time as their pet parent was an essential stop on the way to their forever home. Goodbyes aren’t easy, but they’re sweetened knowing you’re sending your friend off to their ultimate happiness.

However your foster journey ends, we’re paw-sitive it will be rewarding