What Is The Best Food For My Pet?

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Feed grade and human grade meats are regulated incredibly differently and have a significant impact on your pet’s health. While many people assume that pet food is safe for their pets, you likely would not see a can of cat or dog food pass an FDA or USDA inspection for human consumption.



When choosing your pet’s food, many pet parents can become confused as the labels on pet food packaging are often misleading. We are here to break down how to determine the safest and healthiest food for your pet, and we even threw in a few suggestions to make it as easy as possible to find the food that will nourish your pet without any of the low-quality ingredients. Continue reading to learn more.

Feed Grade Pet Food

Feed grade meats would fail to pass an inspection if they were intended for human consumption. There are many undesirable ingredients included in these kinds of pet foods. Many of these feeds contain a vast range of animal parts, some of which are very alarming (bird beaks, yes – we know!). These types of animal parts are not allowed in meats that are meant for people. Some of the feed in these types of pet food can come from diseased animals or close to dying. Simply put, feed grade is not suitable for human consumption as it can contain chemicals, fillers, by-products, or meats that are from animals that are disabled, deceased, diseased, or dying. While these foods are not considered suitable for humans, some still consider them to be safe for animal consumption – we beg to differ.

Human Grade Pet Food

The textbook definition describes human-grade food as a finished product that is deemed legally suitable for human consumption. This means that it is safe and FDA-approved.Human-grade pet food manufacturers use an elevated set of standards to grade the quality of the ingredients they use in their food. Consequently, the ingredients used within these foods end up being of much higher quality. As there is a significant problem with regulation within the pet food industry, choosing human-grade food ensures that your pet’s food has undergone a greater amount of regulation and meets a higher set of standards.

The Benefits Of Human Grade Pet Food

Increase Your Pet’s Lifespan

Providing a diet filled with fresh and healthy foods helps your pet maintain a much healthier body weight and an efficient digestive system. Keeping your dog at a healthy weight and feeding them foods beneficial to their gut health can result in a longer and healthier life for your pet. Commercial dog food is full of low-quality fillers and preservatives that can be detrimental to your pet’s health.

You Know What You Are Feeding Your Pet

Most pet parents feel confident purchasing dry or wet foods from the many trusted pet food brands without any doubt. These brands, no matter how reputable they are, almost always still contain kibbles. What are kibbles? The answer eludes most pet parents, but kibbles typically include some form of protein from an unlisted source – not the most satisfying answer, we know.

Your Pet’s Digestive Track Will Thank You

Dry pet food contains many artificial ingredients that dogs and cats have a difficult time digesting. Those long list of ingredients on the back of the dry dog food bags doesn’t typically clarify how much each ingredient is found within the food. This means that the “free-range” chicken advertised on the front of the bag may make up a minuscule part of your pet’s meal. Fresh and human-grade pet food is much easier for your furry friend to digest – which means a happier and healthier pet!

Human Grade Pet Food For Dogs

If you have been buying your pet food with no knowledge of how unhealthy it can be for your dog or cat, it may be quite a challenge to know which brands to trust when it comes to choosing quality, human-grade food for your pet. Whether you have a cat, dog, or both, we have a few great suggestions for those looking to learn more or those who are just getting started!


The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog promises to deliver A Fresh Way To Feed Your Pet! One way to know for sure that it is a safe and healthy option is that it is tested on humans – talk about turning the tables! There is less processing, higher safety standards, and it’s incredibly easy to store and serve. This food is made fresh with real ingredients and is developed by veterinarians. It delivers quickly and is never frozen or stored for an extended amount of time.


Ollie’s dog food is made with quality ingredients – which means no funky fillers or by-products. The nutrients within the food are completely balanced, and it is delivered fresh and right to your door! This subscription customizes your dog’s food-based completely on your pup’s needs.

Tailored Pet

Tailored Pet’s Dog Food offers personalized nutrition to ensure your dog’s optimal health. All it takes is filling out a 3-minute quiz, and your dog is set with a meal full of optimal nutrition. Their food is made with real ingredients like fish and veggies, all of which are cooked within the U.S. by leading nutritional experts and chefs.



Your feline friend deserves a hearty, wholesome meal that will keep them healthy! This very high protein food is not made with fillers of any kind and isn’t full of carbs or grains. You don’t have to run out to a specialty pet store for this high-quality food because they deliver right to your home!

Cat Person

Sometimes simple is just better! Cat Person’s cat food promises no misleading or confusing ingredients or labels. All of the fresh ingredients are listed on the box (usually only around 5!). This grain-free, low-carb food is perfect for your furry friend.

For Your Dog And Your Cat

Nom Nom

Nom Nom believes that you shouldn’t feed your pet anything that you wouldn’t eat! Each recipe made by this brand is created with fresh, whole ingredients that contain targeted vitamins and minerals for your cat or dog.

The Honest Kitchen

This human-grade pet food company makes all of their products with high-quality ingredients – this means no artificial or feed-grade foods are found in this food! They sell food for both cats and dogs made with real ingredients like chicken, fish, and even a goat milk probiotic.