Cat Gift Boxes

Are you looking to get a friend or family member a gift for their new cat? Or perhaps you’re a new cat parent, and you want to get cute little gifts for your cat, you should try subscription boxes. Subscription boxes are a set of gifts for your cat that you receive periodically after making an initial subscription payment. You receive these gifts according to how frequent you want them, and because you do not exactly know what they will contain, you are sure to be in for a surprise!

The following are examples of Cat Gift Boxes to get your cat or a cat parent.

  • The CatKit is the best gift box to give to your cat-loving family or friend. It contains two to four cat themed items such as mugs and caps, as well as two to four toys and treats for your cat, for $35 monthly.
  • At $20-$30 monthly, you can get the KitNipBox which comes in two varieties. They typically contain five to eight toys and treats for the cat. The treats are made from organic products, though you can opt for a box without treats.
  • RescueBox costs $29.94 monthly, and it contains handpicked cat toys, treats, as well as some accessories. With every month that you subscribe, you also help feed and vaccinate two pets in the shelter.
  • With PurrBoxes your cat can receive a monthly supply of cat grass, toys, treats, and catnip for only £9.95.