Cat Names

In the world today, cat names are beginning to sound very much like human names, when compared to how cats were named in the past. Cats were given names based on their appearance, or temperament in the past, but these days, with names like Sophia and Isabella, one begins to wonder as to the origin of these names.

Your pet needs an identity, so whether it is a traditional name or something out of the ordinary, you should arm yourself with some of these tips when choosing a name that best suits your pet.

Study Your Pet For Outstanding Features

Examining your pet for outstanding features or appearance may give you an insight as to what name to give him/her. For example, your cat may have spots on its fur, so naming it Spotty wouldn’t be bad. Or you can try Gobbler for a cat that eats a lot. Naming your pet based on a distinctive feature or personality is one of the easiest ways to go.

Study The Personality Of Your Pet

Does your pet act in a way that reminds you of someone? Or perhaps it shows a greater affection to a particular individual? Naming your pet after any of these people will be a suitable name for it. You can also name your cat after someone who has recently passed away, and whom you’ll want to keep a memory of.

Review Famous Pets

You can name your pet after popular real-life cats. For example, Tabby was the name of President Lincoln’s cat, and Boise was Hemmingway’s cat. So go through the history books of famous people who owned cats, and you’re sure to find a good name to give to your cat.

These are just a few tips to help you in choosing a suitable name for your cat; you can also consult a pet book to find beautiful names to give to your furry friend. When choosing a name, always remember not to get carried away by how cute and little it is, by selecting a name that can age with it as it grows. Also try to avoid long names, by choosing names that are easy to call.

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