How to Select the Best Dog Food

These days, many dog parents feed their dogs better food than they feed themselves!

There is an overwhelming amount of dog food options to choose from. The best way to make sure your dog is eating the right brand is to check for recalls and a list of ingredients. There is also a helpful list from the FDA that lets you know specifically what brands you should stay away from.

Doing the necessary research goes a long way. Avoid foods that can upset your dog’s stomach. Gradually switch foods instead of serving them the new food all at once. It is a common technique to add more of the new food every day, and cut back on the old food. This allows your dog’s stomach to adjust so there are no accidents.

A known fact is that dogs are not carnivores. They need a balanced diet of meat, vegetables, and even fruits. Keep in mind that there is dog food out there for specific problems. Problems such as bad skin, oily coats, and sensitive stomachs. You might even need a specific brand for food allergies. Speak to your veterinarian if you are concerned about your dog’s diet or symptoms they are experiencing.

If your dog has dental issues, wet food is a better option than hard food. There are even nutrient specific food for puppies, older dogs, and dogs with special needs. It can be intimidating when shopping for the right food for your pet, but once you find the right one, they will thank you. Energy, happiness, and healthiness will radiate from your fur baby!

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