Dog-Friendly Housing

Finding suitable dog-friendly accommodation anywhere in the US, for you and your dog can be difficult. You often need to start your search early, as sometimes, your dog size or breed can hinder you from getting a pet-friendly apartment. In some cases, you may need to pay extra as your pet’s rent. Below are tips for finding dog-friendly accommodation in your chosen area, so you don’t have to give up your dog, or put it in a shelter.

Prepare Your Dog Resume

When you start applying for housing, draft a good resume and have it ready to submit along with your credit report. Be proactive – show that you and your pet have been a great tenant in the past, by including your dog’s exceptional qualities, such as being sociable, friendly, quiet, great with children, and non-destructive. You can also itemize a list of past houses your pet has lived with a photo to enhance your resume.

Make Sure “Pet-Friendly” Is Written Into The Lease

When you have acquired secure pet-friendly housing, make sure all the details are printed on paper. A verbal agreement is good, but if you don’t have it captured in your lease that you are permitted to have pets, a new landlord can put you in a tight spot. Also, be sure there are no restrictions on breeding in the lease.

Be A Great Pet Parent And Tenants As Well

Providing a safe housing for your dog goes beyond a beautiful physical structure. Most importantly, it requires you to care, and pay attention to your dog. It also goes beyond being respectful of others to actively trying to create a secure and excellent breeding environment for your dogs. Therefore, you should strive towards being a great pet parent, while being good tenants. Issues regarding behaviors can be taken care of through training or by following your veterinarian’s advice.