Dog Gift Boxes

Subscription boxes are the perfect option to find new dog toys, grooming items, tasty and healthy dog treats for your dog. With these dog boxes, you can customize the content based on your dog breed, size, weight, and age. They also make great gift boxes for dog parents. We have outlined some of the best dog gift boxes below.

Freddie’s Finds Boxes

Freddie’s Finds boxes is ideal because the box is all about shopping at smaller businesses and helping people find brands that may be difficult to see. This definitely makes it an excellent choice for any family member who likes shopping. Also, every Freddie box has something in it that can be utilized or shared between you and your pup, such as a water bottle that has a bowl or container for your dog.

Pet Gift Boxes

Pet Gift Boxes is an all affordable brand, yet it includes high-quality products, healthy pet treats, and unique toys. Each box has a combination of four to six treats and toys for your dogs with a focus on products that are fresh in the market.

Dapper Dog Box

This is a monthly goodie box for dogs of all ages and sizes. Every month you’ll receive a box with toys, treats, and chews. Occasionally, you’ll receive a bandana or bowtie. Treats are always 100% all natural and made in the USA, and organic or grain free.