Love Forever Plan

LoveForeverPlan1Our new Love Forever Plan is a service specifically designed for terminally or critically ill pet parents who may need to find a new loving family for their beloved pets.

You’re in good, strong, caring hands as we work with you to rehome your pet if this approach is necessary. In the midst of difficult decisions and important arrangements, you can rest easy knowing that your pet has already been accepted into our program and that we will arrange for your pet to move immediately to foster care as we search for a forever home with a new, loving family.

Our Rehome with Love service includes a thorough approach to matching your pet with their next home. When you register, our team of adoption specialists will collect all of your pet’s information from photos to history to medical records. We’ll create a profile, share it with our community of prospective adoptive pet parents, and manage the process of screening and reviewing applicants. Once your pet has been placed for adoption, we’ll work with their new pet parents to equip them with their medical records, create a rehoming agreement, arrange transportation (if necessary), and set them up with pet licensing and microchip information.

The Love Forever Plan meets a tremendous need in the pet community. Our pets experience trauma and grief after the loss of their parent, and we want to make that process as gentle as we can for them, while honoring the wishes of their late parent. For individuals who are facing this decision, know that by trusting Joyful Pets to rehome your pet, you’re giving your loved ones peace of mind, and you’re giving your pet a selfless gift. You’re providing the chance to continue their lives surrounded by love, happiness and security.

The safety and well-being of your pet companion is crucial to you and your loved ones — and it’s just as important to us. We’re passionate about ensuring that your pet is rehomed without the possibility of surrender to a shelter. Registering your pet now promises this won’t happen.

For more information, please contact our team. You simply won’t find a more dedicated or loving advocate for your pet’s future.