No fear, Fido! The Best Dog-Calming and Anti-Anxiety Products

It’s not uncommon for dogs to experience anxiety that causes undesirable behaviors to surface. At some point, we’ve all come home to a dog who has completely destroyed the couch cushions or strewn garbage across the house. This destructive behavior is often rooted in separation anxiety or other nervous behaviors. Fortunately, there are several products specifically designed to bring a sense of calm to your dog. Discover the best dog-calming and anti-anxiety products below!

Hemp chews

Alleviate the tension associated with traveling, boarding, and new environments with hemp seed oil and soothing melatonin. This vet-formulated supplement from NaturVet also includes ginger to ease sensitive stomachs, and chamomile for a calm, collected pup. Hide these dog calming chews in your dog’s food for a doggone easy way to reduce stress!

Calming collars

If your four-legged friend has a stressful situation on the horizon, a dog calming collar may be in order! Simplify vet visits or social situations with collars like the Adaptil Calming Adjustable Dog Collar that uses calming pheromones to bring serenity to your pup. Calming collars are a great solution to ease anxiety without medication or supplements!

Soothing supplements

Bring the calm to stress-inducing thunderstorms, car rides, and separation with specially formulated Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Calming Care Probiotic Dog Supplement. A six-week supply of BL99 bacteria, a common agent known to put dogs at ease, will help your pooch cope with external stressors. This dog anxiety supplement also promotes a healthy immune system, so your four-legged friend will be happy and healthy.

Calming sprays

Keep calm and wag on with the natural soothing oils found in ThunderEssence Dog Calming Mist. When your pup is just a little too excited, lavender, chamomile, and Egyptian geranium work as aromatherapy to relax and calm. Simply apply directly to your furry friend or dab on their bedding to mellow him out!

Soothing apparel

Thunderstorms, fireworks, and vet visits can be extremely stressful experiences for dogs. Give your pup a sense of security during these situations with dog calming apparel like the ThunderShirt Anxiety & Calming Aid for Dogs. This carefully-designed vest gives constant, gentle pressure that provides dramatic calming effects for dogs. Your dog will feel safer, so you’ll relax a bit more, too!

With some help from dog-calming products, your furry friend will trade trash chewing for tail wagging! Opt for one of these anti-anxiety solutions to take the tension out of high-stress situations.