Videos for Dogs

Have you ever noticed your pet dog watching television with you?

Does your dog seem to relax when you play soothing music?

Your dog may well be watching television right along with you. While it’s great fun and enjoyable to have the company while you’re watching a favorite television show, there are unique ways your beloved buddy can enjoy television while you’re away.

Enter the world of dog relaxation videos.

Because necessity is the mother of innovation, it’s safe to assume that the invention of dog relaxation videos occurred as a result of a brilliant pet parent’s clever idea. Dog parents are discovering the genius of dog relaxation videos as a means to alleviate pet anxiety when pet parents are away from home.

There are a variety of videos that play for several hours at a time that pet parents can turn on before leaving the house to comfort and ease their pet’s anxiousness and separation anxiety. The ambient music and atmospheric noises serve to relax the dog and are enjoyable for people as well.

Pet parents can search YouTube for “dog relaxation music,” and a slew of videos will appear. These videos have become so popular that there are now entire channels dedicated to delivering relaxing music for dogs such as Relax My Dog. There’s even an app accessible for a range of streaming devices, including Apple TV and Roku. According to the firm, there is a whole science behind the noises and color sequences utilized in the videos that catch the pets’ interest and generate an overall content atmosphere.

Whether you’ve got an anxious pet, or you simply want to provide him with a little entertainment during the day, dog videos are an innovative way of entertaining our best friends.